Cheap Fat Camp  

Are we the right weight loss solution for you?

YES, if you want:

  • Beaches on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico?
  • Condos 100 yards from the beach?
  • Lots of sunshine?
  • A structured program with discipline, focus and accountability?
  • Small programs with small group classes?
  • Simple and delicious meals that are easy to replicate at home?
  • Simple techniques, hard work and fun people that are down to earth?
  • A program that has been established for over a decade, with thousands of hours of experience in weight loss and fitness?
  • Saving money by choosing the right weight loss and fitness program?

NO, If You Want:

  • Luxury 5-Star Resorts with Gourmet Menus?
  • Getting lost in large groups?
  • Programs that advertise false pricing?
  • Programs that have been around for less than 3 years?
  • Bankrupted programs that reopened in other states under new names?
  • Trainers inexperienced in actual weight loss?
  • A lot of medical testing that is expensive and unnecessary?
  • Staying in the middle of nowhere?
  • Thinking you are going to be by the beach, but are actually a mile away from it?
  • Spending hundreds or thousands more than necessary and getting less?

What's Included

With Our Program

  • Condo by Beach with Private Room / Bath
  • 3 Deliciously Prepared Meals daily
  • 5 Hours Group Fitness Training daily
  • Body Composition & Measurements
  • Before & After Photo Montage
  • Kayaking / Paddleboarding
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Unlimited Bottled Water
  • Daily Snacks
  • Basketball, Tennis & More...

As Low As $1699/week! A Limited Time Special Offer


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